It is our desire that you can explore your dance as freely and fully as possible. Please help us consider the safety of everyone in the dance field by practicing these guidelines.

Awareness, sensitivity and respect: We share a dance space that is often quite full of bodies dancing close together. By cultivating awareness and sensitivity towards what is going on around you and how your dancing interacts with that of others, we can create a dance space that is safe and fosters deeply moving meditation.

Rolling on the Floor: In our practice, we start from a profound connection with the earth that supports us. However, when the space is crowded, rolling around on the floor with others takes up a lot of space and can endanger others. Please be respectful with the amount of space you are taking up and how you are impacting others. If you are on the floor, be on the edges of the dance floor, not near the center of the space.

Limbs in the air: Please be aware of where your arms and legs are moving and keep your feet on or near the floor. We need your help and partnership in considering the safety of everyone and the whole field, rather than only our own preferences.

Boundaries: When making physical contact with others, please be respectful and careful of their boundaries, and mindful of the fact that many people have a hard time expressing their boundaries clearly. Check out if your touch is welcome and err on the safe side. If someone makes contact with you and you don’t want it, give them a clear signal or turn away. If you see something that makes you really uncomfortable, address the dancer or your teacher about it. Overt sexual behavior and unwelcome touch are not welcome during the dance.

5Rhythms is a Practice: Please know that this is an awareness practice. Greater depth is available when you actually surrender the theme that is presented. Turning your resistance into a dance is a way of consciously participating. By surrendering to the practice and following the guidelines and instructions you will find a vast field of awareness to explore which can lead to profound healing and insight.

Thank you for helping us co-create a safe and supportive environment for full self-expression and deepening awareness of our interconnection with each other and all life.


Michael Stone